“Serving those who served for us”

The Veterans Health Administration’s Veteran-Community Partnership (VCP) national program serves to foster seamless access to the full continuum of care and support services for Veterans and their families. 

Why VCP?

Veterans deserve ready access and choice of the widest range of services available. However, most Veterans are not enrolled in VA, and exclusively access community resources for their health and support care needs. Additionally, Veterans who do receive VA health services also access non-VA services. Therefore, it is imperative that VA and non-VA providers and agencies establish and nurture these partnerships. VCP provides a mechanism to integrate knowledge and action for the combined mutual benefit of all those involved, and for those for whom they care.

What is a VCP?

Specifically, VCP is a partnership between VA facilities and regional/local organizations in an effort to:

• Enhance and improve the quality of care for Veterans

• Identify programs and services to support family caregivers

• Promote seamless transitions within the continuum of care

• Increase awareness in the community re: the needs of Veterans, VA    benefits and programs

• Educate VA on programs and services in the community

• Strengthen VA and community relationships

What does a VCP look like?

• Each local VCP is unique according to the diversity of resources within its community

• Partners are people from VA facilities and community organizations, agencies and coalitions

• Leadership is equal between VA and their respective community partners

• VCP is developed and sustained on its local resources and strengths

What activities can a VCP do?

• Conduct assessments to determine the unique needs of Veterans within communities

• Exchange information between VA and community agencies in an effort to keep both informed of local and VA resources, strengths, and potential growth areas

• Educate community agencies about specific Veteran-related issues and benefits

• Provide community outreach educational programs for Veterans’ groups/community agencies to provide information on the VA continuum of care, available resources, and options

• Host educational events for both community and VA stakeholders to provide information on the continuum of care options and VA healthcare system

• Create educational tools and resources that partners can access for the most current and complete information on resources for Veterans, in VA and in the community…and more!