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Our November meeting featured Dr. Michael Watson. He presented on the newly passed PACT Act.  The PACT Act is a new law that expands VA health care and benefits for Veterans exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic substances. Learn more about the act, its scope of benefits, how it affects veterans, and join a Q&A.

Speaker Bio:
Michael Watson was promoted to an Outreach Specialist in May
2020, where he is currently serving Veterans at the Regional Office and at the Phoenix VA Medical Center with various claims. Michael Watson also serves as several other coordinators such as the Minority Veteran and Military Sexual Trauma coordinator. Michael Watson is truly committed in serving Veterans as he served his country in the United States Marines.

Michael Watson started his career at the St Louis, Mo VA Regional Office August 2008 in the Education Department. Michael Watson duties consist of reviewing and uploading education applications for benefits, and was looked upon to help clear backlogged claims, with his 99.8 accuracy he held in the department. Michael Watson took a career advancement with the National Call Center in St. Louis, Mo for the next two years, before transferring to the Phoenix, AZ National Call Center in 2012. April 2015 Michael Watson joined the Phoenix, Public Contact team, where his first task was to reduce the IRIS
backlog of 1800 inquiries.

U.S. Marine Corps
Chaplain Assistant
February 1994 to November 1997
Honorable Discharge

Contact Dr. Watson at:

Link to meeting recording:
Passcode: !#x02f66

Our Oct meeting featured Steve Reed from the Honor Flight program.

Steve is a Veteran and served as a Long Range Reconnaissance Army Ranger in Vietnam 67-68.  I was a school teacher and school administrator for 14 years.  I changed careers and became a Police Officer with the Sacramento Police Dept. and served for 20 years.  I also served as Security Director for Arden Fair Mall for 15 years.  I have a BA in Communications and 2 lifetime teaching credentials.  I’m currently also a Service Officer for the VFW assisting Veterans with Compensation Claims

The Honor Flight program is a Nationwide Program which affords our Nations Veterans the opportunity to visit our Nations Monuments in Washington D.C. and the surrounding area at no cost.  We generally run several trips a year.  I am part of Honor Flight Bay Area as a volunteer Ambassador.  Our group is based out of the Bay Area and serves the Veterans in the area.  In the Presentation I will present how our program is structured and supplement it with a short video.

Our Sept meeting, featuring the popular Veterans Benefit Panel, was a huge success! In front of a packed room the panelist discussed their respective departments and veteran services. A big THANK YOU to our panelist:

Tara Moore-Prosthetics

Hilary Elkin-Home Based Primary Care

Denise Taylor-CLC/CREC

Bill Reed-VSO

Victoria Landaker-Enrollment and Eligibility

MeLanie Mosley-Palliative Care

If you would like to contact any of the panelist, please reach out to an EBVCP board member for their contact information.

Links to video highlights:

Our August meeting featured Noga Welner-Kessler, MSW Veterans CoordinatorHospice of the EastBay. Noga spoke on the following: Wounds of War Vietnam Veterans. The ‘Wounding of a Generation” looks at the unique issues faced by Veterans of this Era and some of the challenges that many have faced and continue to face due to their military service and experiences and the wounds that they developed as a result.

Thank you Noga. Presented by Hospice of the EastBay

Meeting recording can be found here:

Passcode: *+h78f@T

Our June meeting focused on a general events update and a discussion regarding hospice companies work on attaining higher “levels” within the “We Honor Veterans” program. Recording here:

Our May meeting featured Mark Walker from the Swords to Plowshares organization. War causes wounds and suffering that last beyond the battlefield. Swords to Plowshares’ mission is to heal the wounds of war, to restore dignity, hope, and self-sufficiency to all veterans in need, and to prevent and end homelessness and poverty among veterans. All veterans will have access to the care and services they need to rebuild their lives. Our model of care is based on the philosophy that the obstacles veterans face — including homelessness, unemployment and disability — are interrelated and require an integrated network of support.

Mark Walker has extensive experience implementing and managing systems and programs for U.S. veterans, including education, employment, healthcare, housing, training, and assistance for homeless veterans. In November 2019, Walker became the first senior team member in Swords to Plowshares’ (“Swords”) history to operate the East Bay office based in Oakland, California.

At Swords, Walker provides leadership in developing programmatic, organizational, and financial plans, while also expanding and enhancing the organization’s presence and operations in the East Bay. Programs and services under his supervision include outreach, homeless prevention, rapid re-housing, emergency housing, job assessment, training, and employment.

Prior to Swords to Plowshares, Walker served as Deputy Director of The American Legion’s National Employment & Education Division at their Washington, DC headquarters office. He leveraged strategic partnerships across government and private sector to strengthen collaboration on resolving gaps in services for veterans, including employment, job training, credentialing, and other key issues.

Walker served six years in the United States Air Force. He holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership from the University of Saint Francis. Walker lives and works in Oakland.

Mark can be reached at:

Our April meeting featured Chelsea Miller from the VA Women’s Benefit program. Chelsea Miller LCSW, MPH-Deputy Women Veterans Program Manager VA. Chelsea Miller, LCSW, MPH currently serves as the VA Northern California Health Care System Deputy Women Veterans Program Manager overseeing the care of women Veterans throughout VA Northern California. Chelsea has worked in multiple care settings in the Veterans Health Administration, including a background in hospice and palliative care. Chelsea received her Master of Social Welfare and Master of Public Health from UC Berkeley.  

Program information on resource page.

Meeting recording link:

Our March meeting featured Kaye Allen from the Quilts of Valor organization. Quilts of Valor Foundation began in 2003 with a dream, literally a dream. Founder Catherine Roberts’ son Nat was deployed in Iraq. According to Catherine: The dream was as vivid as real life. I saw a young man sitting on the side of his bed in the middle of the night, hunched over. The permeating feeling was one of utter despair. I could see his war demons clustered around, dragging him down into an emotional gutter. Then, as if viewing a movie, I saw him in the next scene wrapped in a quilt. His whole demeanor changed from one of despair to one of hope and well-being. The quilt had made this dramatic change.

Feb 2023 General Meeting: Our February meeting featured speakers from the DHCS’s “Veteran’s Benefits Enhancement” program. The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) veterans’ enhancement project helps veterans who are receiving Medi-Cal services obtain veteran benefits they are entitled to. If you are a veteran and receiving Medi-Cal services, you and your family may also qualify for federal benefits such as: Pensions or Compensation, Medical coverage, Prescription drugs, Medical devices and Family Benefits​​. Please plan to attend. Contacts:,,

Meeting recording:

Nov 16 2022 Veterans Benefit Panel


Tara Moore Martinez VA Prosthetics,

Leonard Ramirez VA Housing,

Ashaley Jackson VA Cemetery and Burials,


Dorinda Wiseman, VA HUD/VASH

Bill Reed, Contra Costa Veterans Service Office.

Nora Von Ubin and Mary Chapman An Elderly Wish Foundation,

Here is the link to the recording!

Passcode: 3f%n^r@1

June 9 2022 Leonard Ramirez-Founder and CEO of “Veterans Accession House” attended the meeting and described the program. The purpose of the Veterans Accession House is to “Help Those Who Served First.” As a public benefit corporation, non-profit 501 (c) (3), we offer housing for Veterans experiencing homeless or at risk of homelessness. As a service provider, we have learned that there are many organizations aiding veterans experiencing health, dependency, disabilities and even homelessness. However, there is a gap in services to help Homeless Student and Working Veterans; a segment of the Veteran population who are under-represented. Statistically, local colleges, State, and private universities report homelessness in their student population; within this number exists an unacceptable percentage who are veterans. This is where Veterans Accession House makes a difference. We provide housing to our Veterans so they can focus on what important to them, maintain employment and remaining in school. Contact: 415-517-5143,

Meeting recording:

Access Passcode: z..*V60x

May 12 2022 We were pleased to hear from Pat Jeremy, DVG VP on the upcoming Stand Up on The Delta. The event will take place at the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds, June 3, 4, 5. This upcoming event is much like the traditional “Stand Downs:” services, food, activities, healthcare, dental and more. One difference between the Stand Up and Stand Down is that there will be no over-nights. Great event for the area Vets to receive the help and services they deserve.

April 14 2022 We were pleased to have speak at this meeting Dedoceo Habi, author of: “Memoirs In The Moment: The Daily Walk With PTSD.” About the author: Hailing from Savannah, Georgia, Dedoceo Habi served honorably in the Untied States Marine Corps and the United States Air Force. He is daring in his authentic and honest candor about the impact and affects of PTSD in his life. Mr. Habi struggled with tragic relationships, homelessness, and repeated layoffs for over thirty years before finally seeking help to understand what was going on in his life. After years of mental health support via therapy coupled with his genuine desire to embrace his truth, he has overcome myriad challenges and self defeating ideations that wreaked havoc in his life.His advise to anyone exposed to traumatic experiences: “You have the strength within you to overcome that which seeks to defeat you”. Mr. Habi’s book:

Meeting recording: passcode: +F8%Mu0N

March 10 2022 General Meeting (information to follow)

Feb 10, 2022 General Meeting. At our Feb meeting we were joined by Jesse Coulter and Greg Grogan from The Overwatch Collective. The Overwatch Collective is a non profit veterans organization that helps support veterans and first responders with PTSD.

Meeting Recording:

Jan 13, 2022 General Meeting 2:00 PM. At our Jan meeting, we are pleased to have speak Mr. John Knutsen- Outreach Specialist Future and Current Operations United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration. John discussed the upcoming “Vietnam War 50th Commemoration Program.” John informed the group about the Vietnam War 50th Commemoration program – who we are, what we do, why it’s important – and invite those present to consider having their organizations become Commemorative Partners.  John explained what it means to be a Commemorative Partner, how to become one, what materials we offer and how to get them, etc.

Meeting Recording:
Access Passcode: d=HaF82*

EBVCP Donates to the 2021 Delta Veterans Group Stand Down


As members of the East Bay Veteran Community Partnership, Concord and Alameda SCAH hospice were honored to sponsor a parade at the VA in Martinez on Veterans Day.  Car and motorcycle clubs participated as well as family members who had loved ones residing at the VA and it was a noisy, vehicle fume-filled event with fun had by all! It took about 25 minutes for all vehicles to drive the parade route three times, low-riders bouncing along, hot-rods engines gunning, motorcycles-both two/three/four-wheeled varieties flying flags and making noise.  Here are a few photos from the event – you can see SCAH Alameda’s CRL on the white bike in the third picture and EBVCP’s Tim Stevens in the giant black pickup!  Thanks Gary for setting up this entire event at the VA this year and I hope we can do it again next year!

[Participants are considered ‘general public’, no one pictured here are VA patients]

Thanks to Lois Williams, Jorge DePaz and Gary Agcaoili for directing traffic along the parade route!)